Physical Exercise Is Essential for Mental Health, Too

At every stage in life, physical health is tied to mental health. When we feel good physically, we’re more likely to feel good mentally, as well. And with dementia, depression, anxiety, and loneliness higher among people later in life, this … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Studies Link Obesity to Smaller Brains

Being obese means having a bigger body, of course. But research indicates it also means having a smaller brain – and a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. “The more we understand about (body fat), the clearer it becomes that … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

New Evidence Shows how Exercise fits Depression

If you still think physical exercise is only good for the body, then check out this latest research that adds to the evidence about mental health. The Journal of American Medical Association’s Psychiatry journal just published an analysis of 15 … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Volunteering Is Good for Your Body and Soul

When Pat Santilli moved to a new town in her 60s, she quickly visited the local animal shelter to volunteer. Pat always has been an animal lover, and she thought volunteering would be a good way to meet people and … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

How to Break Through Negative Self-Talk and Soar

We all talk to ourselves about ourselves. What kind of things do you say? That you’re overweight, lazy, and too old to be fit? A lot of us struggle with an inner voice that repeats nonsense like that. But you … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Learning to Love Ourselves, One Day at a Time

This story is NOT about a famous actress writing her memoirs. It’s about how we all need to learn to love ourselves at this stage of life, even if it means letting go of some of the stubborn goals we’ve … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Getting Older: Are We Having Fun Yet?

It’s good news any time someone dispels a myth about getting older. So we’re happy to share this report of a survey that found widespread happiness about life after 65. Half of those in the survey of 2,000 people aged … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Being Grateful Is Good for Your Health

Gratitude is important every day, not just on Thanksgiving. It’s good for our physical, mental, spiritual and social health – and it even has a relationship to exercise. “Studies suggest that making a habit of noticing what’s going well in … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Exercise Boosts Creative Thinking

  Exercise boosts creative thinking of all kinds. Want proof? Michael, a corporate attorney, solves his complicated work problems while swimming. Todd, who manages PR for a large communications firm, likes to have one-on-one meetings with his direct reports at … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Top 5 Tips to Better Mental Health

It’s understandable to get stressed these days. But it’s not a requirement! We can take steps to protect our mental health every day, just like we can exercise physically to improve our bodies every day. (And, yes, exercise is good … [CLICK TO READ MORE]