Fusion Fitness


Sponsored by the Boxborough Recreation Commission this 6-week Fusion Fitness class incorporates functional exercises that allow you to function better and live longer.


The class utilizes exercises involving strength training with weights, pilates, and yoga. Class begins with a ten minute warm up that consists of low and moderate impact aerobics, forty minutes of strength training, and ten minutes of stretching.  Come and experience what the “Bertha Butt Boogie” can do for you and your body. The people are fun and we share a lot of laughs.


Here’s what Paul Bakstran has to say about Fusion Fitness:
“My wife and I have been attending Fusion Fitness since retiring a few years ago. The exercises and class are fun and our strength, flexibility and balance have improved since we started. Without these classes we wouldn’t have the discipline to dedicate the time to exercise weekly. We highly recommend these classes for anyone who wants to get fit, stay fit and have some fun.”



Tuesday mornings 8:30-9:30am EST.

  • Session 1: Jan 7 – Feb 18
  • Session 2: Feb 25 – Mar 31
  • Session 3: Apr 7 – May 12
  • Session 4: Jun 2 – July 14 (no class 6/30)
  • Session 5: July 21 – Aug 25
  • Session 6: Sep 1 – Oct 6
  • Session 7: Oct 13 – Nov 17
  • Session 8: Nov 24 – Dec 22 (5 week session)


Currently online class over Zoom

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6 Week session $108.00

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