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Nutrition for Active Agers Video Series

Nutrition for Active Agers Promo video

What is nutrition and why is it important?

The short answer is that it is how we use food to fuel our bodies. As we age, how we support our bodies inside and out changes.

There’s no manual that tells us what adjustments might need to be made. It can be overwhelming to find the starting point.

I created “Nutrition for Active Agers” (NFAA) as a guide to start and then maintain better eating habits by outlining nutrition for active agers.  Now more than ever, eating well and staying active are important, specifically those in the active ager category (55+).

NFAA is a four-part video series perfect for Active Agers and focuses on four key areas:

  • Metabolism
  • Foods that Fight Back
  • Food Labels & Nutrition Labels
  • Insulin Resistant Diet

Each video breaks down how to incorporate healthy eating habits into daily life, from shopping smarter to keeping on track without sacrificing flavor. Healthy food is easy to access and enjoy. The best part is that with the video series, they can be viewed on your local cable access television or from Fitting Fitness In’s youTube channel.

In this 4-part, video series, Holly Kouvo of Fitting Fitness In® talks about:

Screen capture from Holly's Nutrition for Active Agers Promo videoMetabolism – when and why it slows down, how to calculate how many calories you need, and how to eat to speed your metabolism.
Screen capture from Holly's Nutrition for Active Agers Promo videoFood Labels & Nutrition Labels – what to look for on a nutritional label, misleading food labels, and how to spice up your plate with colorful foods.
Screen capture of Holly's video about Foods That Fight BackUse Food to Fight Back – learn the foods that can help with common ailments, what foods to avoid, and foods for a healthy brain.
Screen capture from Holly's Nutrition for Active Agers Promo videoInsulin Resistant Diet – learn what happens when your body is resistant to insulin, the best food to eat, and how exercise snacks can help.

Testimonial graphic from Linda B - the testimonial reads "I really enjoyed the nutrition for active agers video series on our local tv channel. I found it to be very informative and contained useful information."
Brains and Balance Zoom ClassFalls are the leading cause of hospitalization and long-term care in the US. Researchers no longer believe that falling or losing mental capacity are inevitable parts of the aging process.

The Brains & Balance program can help prevent falls from happening. Try our Brains & Balance program over Zoom.

Discover how much fun balance training can be while you exercise your brain with specially designed “Train the Brain” drills.  These drills are designed to improve your memory, reasoning, conceptualization, language and problem-solving skills.

Testimonial from an anonymous person

Screen capture from Holly's Brains and Balance virtual program

Screen capture from Holly's Brains and Balance virtual program

This class helps you stay mentally sharp and improves your balance to prevent falls.






Photo of blue and red solo cups, stacked on top of each other




We use items from the Brains & Balance Goody Bag to make class more fun and effective in a virtual environment.



What is in the Brains & Balance Goody Bags?

Colored plates (with a rubber backing) are used for various balance activities such as Senior Twister. Colored cups are used for balance activities, as well as brain drills like stacking cups in exact formation from memory.  The tape is used to walk tandem on a straight line to improve balance.