Fitting Fitness In offers a variety of services and packages. Don’t see what you want? Holly will create a custom package for your individual or group needs.

  • Personal Training One-on-one or small group training programs built for you to gain strength and lose inches, without stressing your body to injury.
  • Online Training & Coaching Programs  Our Online programs offer you flexibility to get fit on your time. However, Holly can give you guidance and motivation through phone or Skype calls, a private Facebook group, motivational articles, healthy recipes and individual attention to your food and exercise logs. Our programs use Fitting Fitness In’s app on your phone, tablet or online.
  • Speaking and Corporate Events We offer a variety of packages for conference speaking, panels, and corporate programs.
  • Virtual Programs for Seniors (Active Agers) We offer online Brains & Balance classes for seniors and a TV/Video series called Nutrition for Active Agers.
  • Workplace Wellness Offering employees opportunities for on-site or online fitness and nutrition training, helping companies curtail health costs, attract and retain good workers, and improve employee productivity, morale, and safety.