Why There’s No ‘Low Protein’ Diet

You’ve heard of low-carb diets and low-fat diets. But you’ve probably never heard of anyone telling you to avoid eating protein –especially after age 50 or so, when we need to double our efforts to get enough of it. You … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Alternative Burger

Summer barbecues are upon us. What kind of hamburger are you going to serve? It’s time to get creative and grill an alternative burger.  Forget the normal beef hamburger and work on making healthier burgers for you, your family and … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

How to Handle the Snack Attack

We’ve all experienced the Snack Attack.  That’s when you need a snack and you grab what ever is handy to eat.  Most likely it isn’t the healthiest snack. Here are some tips on being prepared when the attack hits: If … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Halloween Candy – What is a Smart Choice?

Halloween is often when the dieting downfall begins. Denying yourself sweets isn’t the answer. Making smart choices is. I recommend to my clients to buy the candy on Halloween day.  This way there won’t be candy in the house to  tempt you.  … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Eating on the Run. Make it Healthy & Fun!

Our lifestyles have become very busy.  We hardly have time to sit down and eat and most of us (myself included) end up eating in our car. So how do we stay on track with eating healthy while we are … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Eat Gluten Free or Not!

Should you eat gluten free if you don’t have to? You see it everywhere, gluten free this, gluten free that. It seems like everyone is eating gluten free these days, but should you? It all depends. Do you have celiac … [CLICK TO READ MORE]