On a Diet? The Do’s & Don’ts of Eating Out!

cafe-535713_1280Most people find that eating out can ruin their diet.  In most cases this is true, but there are ways to minimize weight gain and actually lose weight when you eat out while on your diet.

Here are some Do’s for eating out:

  • First of all, research before you go out.  If you can choose where to go, find a restaurant that has some healthy choices.
  • Do go online and check out the restaurant’s menu.  Decide what you are going to have and stick with it.
  • Do ask for the sauces or dressing on the side.
  • Do ask for a doggy bag right away and put half of your meal in the doggy bag.  When it is out of sight, it is out of your mind.
  • Do share your desert with someone.  Remember the two bite taste factor.  Your taste buds will not taste the same food after two bites.

Now, here are some of the Don’ts for eating out:

  • Don’t go for the buffet.  People tend to get the mentality of “I paid for it, I am going to get my money’s worth”.
  • Don’t go Chinese – You can gain 3-7lbs in one night eating Chinese food.  There is so much sodium.  It will take 3 days for you to lose the water weight.
  • Don’t eat 2-3 pieces of pizza.  One slice of cheese pizza is 450 calories.  Eat one slice and have a salad.  You still get to eat pizza, just not too much.
  • Don’t drink all your calories.  For every glass of alcohol, have a glass of water.
  • Don’t order the big fat steak.  Go for the leaner cuts of meat.

If you have plans to go out to eat, then reduce how much you eat during that day or the next day.  Plan to do some extra exercise to compensate for the extra calories you may eat.

You can go out to eat while on a diet, you just have to plan for it.

Holly Kouvo is a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, speaker and writer who specializes in helping people lose hundreds of pounds. Learn more at www.FittingFitnessIn.com.

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