Momentum8 is an excellent program that introduces manageable healthy habits gradually. More importantly, it helps with changing the mindset. No more guilt and frustration. You learn to be kind to yourself while you work to achieve a healthy outcome.

— Salma


What I enjoyed about Momentum8 is that it wasn’t just another diet program that caused frustration if you didn’t meet your goals. The program works on getting your mind wrapped around making diet and exercise part of the daily routine and making healthy choices. I now drink so much water that if I drink less than 70 ounces my body lets me know!

— Kim N.


I committed to Momentum8 because I realized that I needed a new approach to building a healthy life. The program helped me recognize that small changes to my daily routine can make a huge impact, and building new habits is a process and not “all or nothing.” After going through the program, I am more conscious of what I eat, make fewer excuses and prioritize my workouts.

— Dena


Something that surprised me about the Momentum8 was the way it addressed the dieter’s mindset. Something I have been grappling with since my teen years. It helped me get rid of some of the negative thinking I have had around food and gave me some tools to use to combat that negative mindset.

— Mary


Honestly, Momentum 8 is a long term answer to what I personally was seeking, but had no vision, how, when, or if I would find the “Key” back to reaching and achieving my personal wellness and fitness goals. I was able to avert the ruts that before seemingly de-railed my motivation and personal confidence in my ability to maximize and maintain my best self while also being at my best overall.

— Laura

This program gives you practical ways to implement the concepts – ways to take simple yet powerful actions. 

— Barbara

I think you will find it helpful to help you realize no matter how far off track we are when we start, we can look at things differently and then do things differently- It’s possible

— Kim C.