Brain Training for Maximum Performance

Train your Brain for Maximum Performance

Want to improve your memory, sharpen your focus, and be more productive?

This innovative training program will help you improve your concentration, make better decisions, and clear brain fog so that you’re always playing your A-Game.

Follow a program developed by top scientists, certified brain trainers, and anti-aging specialists to sharpen your skills and competitive edge.  Exercises, activities, and strategic brain training will keep you in top-shape, mentally and physically.

In this program you’ll learn:

  • How to sharpen your focus, reaction time, processing speed, and recall
  • Strategies and signals to improve the relationship between your Brain, Body and Balance
  • Anti-aging and mental exercises to keep your brain, mind, and body at optimum performance
  • Eating strategies that give you more energy, and your body more strength and endurance
  • Top ways to reduce stress, get a better night sleep, and create a program, that becomes a way of life

During this 12-week training program you will meet weekly with Holly Kouvo, Certified Brain Health Trainer over Zoom.  All sessions will help you improve your brain power – with fun, energizing activities, drills, and exercises. Learn and implement these strategies and schedule them into your daily life, to keep your brain and body younger for longer.

This brain training program is available for individuals or a group.

Contact Holly to get started.


Holly Kouvo is a Certified Brain Health Trainer Functional Aging Institute Logo