You’re Never Too Young: Brennan

When I first learned I would be going to water exercise classs, I did not know what to expect. I have been overweight for about 3-4 years and have recently started to become “aware” of my body and the way it looks. My mom had been working with Holly for about 2 years before I got into one of Holly’s classes, a water class. My favorite part of the class was that we exercised in the water. I love to swim and I love to exercise so combining the two was great. The support that Holly gives and the underlying easy going attitude that the class provides, creates an overall great atmosphere for losing weight and gaining muscle.

When I first started exercise class, I thought of it as something that was hard and made me hurt the next day. Now I see it as a fun way to get my exercise in while enjoying myself in the water. When Holly showed me a food log and told me how to fill it out, I procrastinated the first week and didn’t complete it. When I did complete it, I did well and Holly told me how to improve even more.

boy swimming

Brennan, making waves & getting results

My main goal with starting exercise class was to drop my BMI. When I went to my physical right before I started excercise, my BMI was 28, in other words, I was overweight. My doctor wanted me to bring it down to 25 or under. After taking Holly’s class for a few months, I have brought it down to 24.4, putting me in the “normal” BMI range.

For a few months, Wednesday was one of my favorite weekdays. I could always look forward to exercise class to tire me out (in a good way). For the first few weeks of class, I didn’t really appreicate it because it was hard and painful. Slowly, I got used to the routine and started to like class more and swimming makes it fun. YAH!
— Brennan Kenerson