Total Lifestyle Change: Tony

After trying every fad diet known to man with nothing but short term results I was desperate. I even was to the point of considering gastro by-pass surgery. In order to avoid this type of drastic approach, I turned to Holly in an attempt to approach weight loss the healthy way.

Holly quickly pointed out to me that this needed to be a total approach to fitness and not just a diet program. It needed to be a total lifestyle change. She set both weight and fitness goals that were achievable and improved my overall strength and endurance.

As an example, when I started with Holly, I could barely walk ½ mile at a time. Today, I do at least a three mile walk a day and at a pace that is much faster than I ever dreamed I could do. After one year of working with Holly, I am down 100 lbs – and for the first time in a long time, feel that I can not only achieve my ultimate goal but maintain it. The only downside to working with Holly is you’ll never want to hear the words ‘Mississippi’ or ‘Albuquerque’ again. You’ll have to schedule time with her to know what that means!!!”
— Tony Miola, Hudson, MA

weight loss success: midpoint

Tony: midway through

weight loss success: before

Tony: before