Weight-Loss Clinic

Weight-Loss Clinic

Wishful Thinking Isn’t Going to Get You Into that Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.

This six-week Friday morning program is designed for anyone who has 10 pounds or more to lose and wants to succeed with the support of a small group who understands. Our weight-loss clinics provide the right support and motivation to help you in your weight-loss goals. We only take a maximum of eight people for each weight-loss clinic. We’ve found that this number creates the perfect synergy. Our weight-loss clinics work!

  • May 16 – Jun 16, 2014 Fridays, 11:15-12:30am


Fitting Fitness In Studio, 629 Massachusetts Ave. (RT 111), Boxborough, MA

Weight Loss Clinic … What’s Included Each Week:

  • Weigh-ins and Motivational Sessions
  • ½ hour exercise program
  • “Holly’s Helpful Hints” on diet and nutrition, how to fit exercise into your busy schedule, and which exercises are effective and which are not

Weight Loss Clinic … What Participants Receive:

  • Individual folder with food logs, exercise logs, and individual exercise program
  • Resistance Band (ideal for busy professionals who travel)
  • Motivating articles
  • Two complete training programs for use at home
  • One complete travel training program

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Price: $275.00


Session :