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Holly Kouvo
Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, Speaker, Writer

Holly Kouvo is passionate about reigniting the lives of aging Americans through simple fitness shifts that help them retain their independence and increase their daily joy. She is an instructor, advisor, media resource, and public speaker who lives the lessons she teaches, and always finds a way for Fitting Fitness In®, which is also the name of her company.

“I’m the girl who’s bopping and weaving at the deli counter. Wherever I am waiting, I am fitting fitness in and that can mean calf raises in the checkout line, bicep curls with a can of soup while on hold with the DMV, or butt squeezes when I’m stuck in traffic.”  — Holly Kouvo, founder Fitting Fitness In®.

A fitness instructor for 30+ years and the proprietor of her own personal training company for over 20, Holly is waging war on unnecessary aging brought on by sedentary lives, poor nutrition, and a lack of hope or vision about the possibility of an active life at age 80 and beyond.

Did you know that 150 minutes a week of movement can add 4 years to your life, plus greater independence as you age? And that when you improve your balance, you improve your mind, and when you exercise your mental abilities; your balance improves. Our bodies and minds are inextricably connected. We need to honor and protect that connection and quit making excuses for ourselves that allow us to wither away without a fight just because we reached some random age.

Her instruction is not just intuitive, Holly continually pursues knowledge, training, and certification. Her current certifications include:

Holly gets results by customizing programs based on a client’s lifestyle and pushbacks. Too busy to go to the gym? The program might include mini movements suitable for the sidelines of a grandchild’s basketball game. Feeling foggy and lackluster? Perhaps a look at dietary deficiencies can blow away the cobwebs. Fighting painful arthritis? Holly has severe arthritis too, but she pushes through with exercise because movement generates movement, and it is the lack of movement that makes things worse.

As her clients feel better about themselves, they want more of what she is teaching. They watch her cable television show that reaches 3 million households nationwide, take her video and in person classes, share recordings from her radio features, attend her speaking engagements, read her book, buy her DVD, and look for her words of wisdom and encouragement in national magazine articles and local newspapers stories.

When she’s off the clock, Holly Kouvo loves her life among the apple trees of Stow, MA and can be seen through the kitchen window doing squats as she makes her family dinner.

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Book Release

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DVD Release

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