Getting Back her Self-Esteem: Chris

When I was growing up, losing weight was not a problem. Food did not interest me. My parents’ and doctor’s concern was getting me to gain weight. On doctor’s orders, I was fed ice cream sundaes, frappes, and even the horrific tasting dark beer was suggested. It wasn’t until my late forties that I started to put on the weight, and by my mid-fifties, I was attempting different diets, but never stuck to them.

In my early sixties, I really expanded, even hitting 182 pounds. I fluctuated between 177 and 182 pounds. I was shopping in the large women’s shops and trying to hide my bulk in baggy clothes. Holly asked me for a before picture! Once I gained weight, taking my picture was strictly off limits.

A couple of years ago, I moved near my 4’8”, size 4 sister-in-law. Clothes shopping with her was not fun! I became embarrassed by my weight. She shopped in the petite section. I had to head for the ugly clothes section.

My self-esteem headed south. I knew that I had to do something, and then I found Holly at Fitting Fitness In. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. I joined her Weight Loss Clinic. The class was small and the atmosphere was up-beat. There was never any criticism, just encouragement and positive reinforcement from Holly and the group. I started to feel good about myself as I slowly started to drop the pounds. With Holly’s and the group’s encouragement, I was able to stay on course. After the Weight Loss Clinic, I joined Jump Start, and then the Fusion Fitness class. I dropped from a size 20 to a size 12, and exceeded the goal weight I had set for myself. I have to say that I feel really good about the way I look, and shopping has become fun again.

Thank you, Holly, for your kindness, encouragement, and sense of humor, oh, and the “magic plate”. Without you, I would still be hiding from the camera, and losing my self-esteem in the cookie jar.
— Chris Carriger