Fitting Fitness In At Home

Is your schedule super hectic?

Is getting to the gym IMPOSSIBLE?

With Holly, it CAN BE possible through our new program: Fitting Fitness In At Home.

Fitting Fitness In is such a challenge, but our At Home programs offer you the flexibility to get fit on your own time. However, you are not alone!  Holly can give you guidance and motivation through phone or Skype calls, motivational articles, healthy recipes, and individual attention to your weekly food and exercise logs using our private Fitting Fitness In app or online.

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The Programs are doable and effective. Videos of all the exercises are provided.  The programs are changed monthly to ensure that you are challenged enough, and that you don’t get bored.

Here is what some clients have to say about Fitting Fitness In At Home:

“I met Holly at the Littleton Health Fair and the timing was perfect. I was looking to replace my current gym membership with an at-home program. It’s been 2 months since I signed up for her program and the things I like most are that she accommodates my schedule for our conference calls, adjusts my fitness plan by increasing the challenge, and shows me ways to modify problem exercises so I can still get the benefit of that particular exercise. I plan to continue working out with Holly.”    – Sharon


“Although I did not follow the program faithfully, I did not gain the weight I normally would over the holidays.  The exercise videos were great because I could do them while watching the evening news, which would have normally been a sedentary event.  It was easy to fit the exercise program into my life.”     – Anne Marie


JumpStart into Fitness with Fitting Fitness In


If you are motivated to exercise, but need a new and challenging exercise program each month, the At Home Silver – Exercise Program is for you!

Each month in our “At Home – Exercise Programs” you will receive:

  • One customized workout program per month (with pictures and videos)

  • Health & Fitness articles emailed weekly

  • A healthy recipe emailed weekly.

The monthly cost of At Home – Silver is $99.


If you are not satisfied with our program, there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Holly has had great success helping clients lose weight (some over 100lbs).  Check out some of these great success stories here.

You may need a little help with motivation, that is why you can get up to two phone/skype calls each month with Holly to stay on track.

Will a 15 minute check in call with Holly once a month help you stay focused? Holly can show you how to recognize and deal with the triggers that send you off track.

If you need this extra time, sign up for the Fitting Fitness In At Home Gold Program.

The monthly cost of At Home – Gold is $159.



If you want to lose weight and need consistent motivation to achieve your goals, get two phone or skype calls per month with Holly in the Fitting Fitness In At Home Platinum Program.

The monthly cost for At Home – Platinum is $199.



Holly helps you to develop strategies for dealing with food temptations, as well as giving you ideas for fitting fitness into your day.


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If you are not satisfied with our program, there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee!