Fitting Fitness In At Home – Silver

The Silver Fitness Plan


At Home - Exercise Program


If you’re ready to put a little electricity into your fitness goals, Holly is there for you with her Silver Online Fitness Program.

The Silver Plan allows you to fit fitness in at any time of the day – mornings, lunchtime at the office or in the evening when you get home.

Holly’s program gives you that flexibility and gives you the guidance you seek in a fitness program with or without the gym. With custom workouts, nutrition advice and motivation, Holly’s Silver Plan gives you the tools you want and the nudge you need to achieve your fitness targets.

Here’s what you get when you commit to Holly’s Silver Plan

One custom workout each month.

Each month, Holly will provide you with a new custom workout based on your fitness goals. That can be strength training, cardio or both depending on what you want and need to achieve. The following month, Holly will change that up, so your body doesn’t get used to the same workout and you don’t get bored.

Access to online portal and mobile app.

All the workouts that Holly creates for you are stored online and accessible by you 24/7. And each month, she will create a new workout for you and that appears when you log in. You’ll also get photos and videos to accompany your custom workout to ensure you’re doing your exercises correctly.

Weekly communication

Each week, you get new health and fitness articles emailed to you as well as healthy recipes to aid you in your fitness journey. You’ll find inspiration and encouragement each time you open one of Holly’s emails.

If you’re ready to take that next step with your health and fitness, it’s time to sign up below and get ready for a healthy new you this year!

The monthly cost of At Home – Silver is $99.

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