Who do you train with?

Anyone who has health goals is a perfect candidate for personal training! Whether you are a senior, a parent, a busy professional, I will work with you to fit fitness into your lifestyle.

What sets you apart from other personal trainers?

Each client has different goals, needs, and body types. If your goal is weight loss, the program I create for you will be vastly different from someone who wants to build strength. I have worked with clients who have led sedentary lives and want to add vitality as they age, as well as large clients who have many pounds and inches to lose. You don’t have to be fit to want to get fit!

What happens at the first personal training session?

First, we determine your goals, both long-term and short-term. Next, I do a fitness evaluation that includes testing strength, flexibility, and endurance along with a complete medical history and exercise profile of what you enjoy doing for exercise and what you don’t enjoy.

What happens next?

I develop your personal training program based on what you want to accomplish and what you like and don’t like to do. During the next visit, I show you the program exercises. All my clients can use my online App to log their food and exercise. This helps us to ensure a balance between calories consumed vs. calories burned, as well as to watch sodium intake, fats, sugars, etc.

Do I need to purchase all sorts of equipment?

No! I design personal training programs that use items found in your home – from soup cans to couches. You can purchase an inexpensive balance ball or elastics to work out with. Some clients will buy hand weights.

What diet do you recommend?

I want clients to learn to eat for living, not to follow a fad diet. I can help guide you towards supportive food choices that help with weight loss, muscle-building, and provide you with the energy and fuel you need to be healthy and exercise. Keeping a food log is my number one tip towards managing the nutrition portion of your goals.

How much time do I have to spend working out?

That depends on you! I recommend to my clients to do strength training 2-3 times a week and cardio 3-5 times a week. It’s not all about quantity, but also quality. I can help you find micro-activities you can do throughout the day as well as set aside time for strength and cardio sessions. Rest days are an important part of keeping your body injury-free.

How do you measure progress?

By how you feel, and how well you are meeting your goals. Some progress is measured by lost inches (a better indication of weight loss than the scale), for others it’s an overall feeling of wellness. Motivation is my greatest training tool – setting mini-goals that will help you reach your long-term goals keeps you engaged and eliminates frustration. Your fitness is a journey, so you might have bumps along the way.

Do I need to check with my doctor first?

It depends on your medical history. Certain medical issues and ages require a doctor’s approval.

Are you trained to work with people with specific injuries such as new knees or back problems?

I’m not a Physical Therapist. I am not trained for specific injuries. I do work with people with injuries, though. With your permission, I will consult with your doctor or Physical Therapist to make sure that the program I’m proposing is appropriate for you.