Customer Testimonials

“I was born in Moscow in 1927 and immigrated to America in 1990. My husband and I currently live in Acton, MA.

I began to exercise with my dear trainer, Holly, in 1998 and for over a decade now I continue coming to her class twice a week. I cannot imagine how I would live without going there each week. The exercises we do with her give me strength, lift my mood and improve my overall health. I enjoy training with her alot and have great love and respect for her. Holly is a highly qualified and experienced trainer. She loves her job and really cares for her clients, which we all feel and appreciate. She creates a very friendly atmosphere and we all receive a lot of enjoyment from training with her. I am sure that everyone who trains with Holly gets everything that is necessary to be healthy and happy.”
– Rosalie Berkovich

 “After working with Holly for 10 weeks, I lost 6 3/4 inches overall. Holly helps me to focus, but she also doesn’t ‘beat me up’ if I have a setback. She’s real – I don’t feel intimidated when I’m around her. She tries to find exercises that I like to do, and she’s always willing to change something if I get bored.”
— Robyn Bradley, Framingham, MA

 “Phone coaching with Holly has been a great experience for me. Our weekly calls are uplifting and motivating and have helped me achieve a higher level of fitness. Even though we are not able to meet in person, my workouts are never stale (or, always challenging). Holly provides me with lots of variety in my exercise routines and we make full use of the Internet to find exercises that will work best for me.”
— Geraldine Lewis, Appleton, WI

“I’ve struggled with weight problems for most of my life and eventually wound up with Diabetes. Even after taking oral medication, my A1C blood tests were too high. After working out with Holly for two months, my A1C test results were completely normal, as if I never had the disease. I lost over 11 inches. I feel great after losing the weight and gaining strength. I can climb steep hills and ski at 12,000 feet without feeling winded like I was before. Thank you, Holly.”
— Tim Thompson, Marlboro, MA

“Holly is a kind, enthusiastic, and motivational trainer. She is helpful to me in so many ways. She always comes up with new information and new exercises so I don’t get bored or disappointed with my workouts. I feel she truly cares about me as a person and wants only to help me succeed in my goals. She is also a lot of fun! I have learned so much from her in the six months we have worked together. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for personal help with weight loss and exercise. It really works!”
— Lori Zuroff, Sudbury, MA

“Since I started the weight training, I’ve noticed subtle changes, not only in muscle tone and the fit of my clothing, but also in general stamina.

Yesterday I went for a run with a friend. At the two mile mark, I was surprised that I wasn’t ready to stop I merely felt warmed up. Today, I decided to go exploring by myself (with the dogs, of course), and I easily ran four miles. I came home because I wasn’t sure my smaller dog could do much more (as I type this, she’s comatose on the floor beside me). I could have done more.

It’s amazing to me how thirty extra minutes 2-3 times a week can make such a difference!”
—Rebecca Bacon, Wayland, MA