Resolution Rescue



Does your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution need to be rescued?  This is how you can use CPR to rescue it.  I’ll give you the 411 before you need to call 911.

Did you start out the year determined to exercise and eat right, only to find yourself slacking off by the beginning of February?  You’re not alone.  Let’s get you back on track with some CPR.  That’s

  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Resistance Training

Cardio – You want to get back into doing some kind of cardio exercise for 30 minutes 3-5x/week.  For some of you that’s walking.  Make sure your walks are productive.  You can’t count a Sunday stroll as cardio unless you are walking at a pace that has you doing a little huffing & puffing or sweating.  Choose your favorite cardio exercise equipment and do your 30 minutes. Or break it up and do 10 minutes on 3 different machines.

Proper Nutrition – You need to get back to making healthy food choices.  Know the calories in the food you’re going to eat.  Make the choice to eat that food, knowing that you will have to work it off through some form of exercise.  Make sure you’re drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day.  Eat 3-5 servings of fruits and veggies, and 3 servings of dairy products per day.  And don’t forget your vitamins!

Resistance Training – It is important to have some kind of resistance or weight training as part of your exercise program.  Ideally you want to do resistance training 2x/week to maintain your weight and 3x/week to lose weight.  You can do resistance training the same day as you do cardio.  Make sure you’re lifting a heavy enough weight so that you get to muscle failure on the last 2-3 reps.  Arms require 8-12 repetitions and legs require 12-15 repetitions.

Remember to use CPR to rescue your resolution and make it last throughout the year.

Holly Kouvo is a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, speaker and writer who specializes in helping people lose hundreds of pounds. Learn more at

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