Is Your Fridge Making you Fat?


If you have healthy food in your fridge, you are more likely to be in the mood to eat it. Plan your meals for the week and shop according to your plan. Fill your fridge with healthy food.

Do you buy fruit, only to have it rot in the crisper because you don’t eat it? If you are like most people, you don’t like to cut up fruit or don’t have the time. So buy it already cut. The pre-cut fruit bowls are more expensive, but if that is the only way you’ll eat it buy it pre-cut.

The same goes with your vegetables. Buy the ones that are pre-washed and pre-cut. Also the pre-washed salad mixes are very convenient. This will make it easier to make dinner. Think about how you can add some of the pre-cut vegetables to your meal. If you are making pasta for a quick meal, throw some of the vegetables in and make it pasta primavera.

Don’t fill your fridge with high fat, high in calories sauces and salad dressings. Keep it simple with oil & vinegar. I like to use the Good Seasonings mix with more water and vinegar and less oil. You still get all the spices without the fat and calories of the oil.

What beverages do you have in your fridge? Is your milk non-fat or 1% fat milk? It should be. Is it full of soda or juices? Soda is wasted calories. Juice is full of sugar. The rule in our house is one cup of juice per day, milk with the meals, and water any other time. Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge, then once you pour it in your glass splash a little lemon juice in it for flavor.

Do you rely on frozen entrees for your meals? They are portion controlled aren’t they, but they are usually very high in sodium. Having these meals 2-3 times per week isn’t bad, but be careful you don’t rely on them too much.

Have some meat in your freezer in meal size packages. We buy our meat in the family size packs and then I freeze it into smaller meal size packages. This way it is easy to defrost what I need. I also buy the packs of grilled chicken pieces from Perdue. They are great to microwave and throw on top of a salad with some pistachio nuts for a healthy and filling meal.

Holly Kouvo is a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, speaker and writer who specializes in helping people lose hundreds of pounds. Learn more at


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