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Laura in Lebanon

This is Laura Gourgas, a Fitting Fitness In (“FFI”) client.  She is wearing her FFI T-shirt that she earned while walking in a 5K race in Littleton, MA.  She is wearing it while on her mission trip to Lebanon.  Laura and others from her church traveled to Cedar Home, which is located in a suburb outside of Beirut.  Cedar Home is a Home within a Christian Community area, founded to provide care and education to young girls from Syria and other neighboring areas surrounding Lebanon. These girls come primarily from unstable and or unhealthy home environments.   The girls at Cedar Home speak two to three Languages; French, Arabic and English.  The girls range in age from 4-16 years old.  Currently there are 12 girls living at Cedar Home.

Laura’s visit encompassed tutoring the girls at night and participating in some sharing of God’s Word. During the trip the girls were provided a journal with the hope that it be used as a “Gratitude Journal”.  The girls were encouraged to write what they were grateful for on a daily basis.

Together they spent many hours doing crafts, sharing stories, playing games and jumping rope.  One evening, Laura led the girls in some stretching exercises. They listened to music and helped them with homework.  The visit was to foster and build relationships and to provide encouragement and presence to the girls during their stay. Laura’s team of women’s hearts grew bigger, they were richly blessed.

Laura took daily walks with the director of Cedar Home and on one of the walks the picture above was taken.  It was great that Laura could share her healthy lifestyle along with her many talents with the people of Cedar Home in Lebanon.

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