Save Calories, Money, Gas – Bring Your Lunch!

Save Calories, Money, Gas – Bring Your Lunch!

With today’s economy, everyone is buckling down on spending.  Why not save on your gas, your money and your calories by bringing your lunch to work.

Going out for lunch can be expensive. I met someone for lunch the other day and it cost me $10 for a sandwich and a bottle of water. Not to mention the gas it took for me to get there. If you don’t have to go out for lunch bring yours with you.

I know you don’t want to have to make your lunch, but the 5-10 minutes it takes could be that $10 dollars in your pocket. It can even be fun. You get the satisfaction of deciding exactly what you want and how you want it prepared.

When you go grocery shopping plan ahead for the week so that you have everything you need.  Your lunch doesn’t always have to be a sandwich, you could bring leftovers from dinner for your lunch.  The nice thing is you can make sure you eat healthier by packing your own lunch. Make sure you have a piece of fruit or you pack your favorite snack or desert. Just pack it as a lunch size portion not a dinner size portion.

Whether you make your lunch before you go to bed or you wake up a few minutes early to make it, you will be saving money and time by doing so. Just think of what you could do with the extra time that you’ll have at lunch now.

Perhaps you could go for a nice walk and get some exercise.

Holly Kouvo, Personal Trainer at Fitting Fitness In,

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