When you Log it, You Lose It!

A Simple thing to do!  Write it down!

One of the most effective tools in losing weight is writing down what you eat in a food log.  When you log your food you will lose weight.  My weight loss clients all fill out food logs.  It makes you accountable to yourself about what you really are eating.  You discover things when you log it down.  Here are some of the observations:

  • Sometimes we eat without realizing it.
  • Logging helps you to see when you’re eating.
  • Many people tend to eat the most at night.  Then they go to bed.
  • You can start to see your habits when you log your food.  After you know what you’re doing it is easier to make some changes to help you lose weight.
  • People find out they are not eating enough.  If you don’t eat enough calories in your diet your metabolism slows down.  You want to make sure that does not happen.
  • The biggest change people can make is to eat breakfast if they don’t normally eat breakfast.  Your metabolism gets revved up when you give it fuel (or food).  You should try to eat within an hour of getting up to start getting the benefit of revved up metabolism.

I review my client’s food logs and sometimes give them feedback on what food they could substitute to make healthier choices.

One client come up with a new saying for me.  She says: “If you bite it, you must write it.  If you drink it, you must ink it.”

Writing down what you eat and drink, really does help you to lose weight.

by Holly Kouvo, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist & Founder of Fitting Fitness In

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