Summer Fun, Forget the Bun!

Summer Fun includes barbecues, baseball games, days at the beach.  All of which include the foods that go with them.  Each time you eat that hamburger, hot dog, or sausage you eat an extra amount of calories with the bun alone.   If you skip the bun you can still enjoy the meat without the excess calories.  Or you could eat one side of the bun and lose half the bun calories. 

Okay, maybe it is not so realistic if you are at the Red Sox game and you are eating a sausage sandwich.  But then you should plan for that and make sure you have done extra exercise that day or reduced the calories in other meals that day to make up for it.  Really, planning can make the difference in whether you gain or maintain your weight this summer.  So if you have the option, skip the bun or the bread and save on calories.

Holly Kouvo, owner,  CPT, CNS

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