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Do you want to…

Be healthier? Lose inches? Have more energy? Feel good about the way you look? Learn how to fit exercise into your busy life?

You’ve come to the right place.

cta-athomeFitting Fitness In can help you to start a journey towards overall wellness by learning how to set measurable goals, stay motivated, make healthy food choices, and find a fitness program that works for you.

We will work with you to create a customized fitness and nutrition program that fits your unique lifestyle. Whether you are an active senior, a busy traveler, a mom with young kids, we can help you set your goals and stay accountable.

  • Personal Training One-on-one or small group training programs built for you to gain strength and lose inches, without stressing your body to injury.
  • At Home Program  Offers you flexibility to get fit on your time. However, Holly can give you guidance and motivation through phone or Skype calls, a private Facebook group, motivational articles, healthy recipes, and individual attention to your food and exercise logs.
  • Speaking and Corporate Events We offer a variety of packages for conference speaking, panels, and corporate programs.
  • Workplace Wellness Offering employees opportunities for on-site or online fitness and nutrition training, helping companies curtail health costs, attract and retain good workers, and improve employee productivity, morale, and safety.

Holly Kouvo is a certified personal trainer with decades of experience helping clients, groups, corporations, and families to learn to be healthier. Holly’s approach is simple: find a unique balance between nutrition and fitness that fits your lifestyle.